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Microsoft word has dozens of keyboard commands designed to make life easier. By becoming a master of keybaord commands, you can become an expert at word and increase productivity Word Shortcuts
Microsoft word formatting features, including simple construction of word tables, rows and columns as well as password protection. It also explains how to insert filler text, including random characters and Lorem Ipsum Word Formatting
Some of the more hidden features of Windows 10, including the useage of windows key and arrows to manoeuvre different windows arround the screen. These features not only save time, but also increase the functionality of any windows computer. Windows 10 top 10 tips and tricks
This explains how to do a reverse image search on google, allowing you to find the origin of pictures. Google Reverse Image Search
Do you have an email that you send multiple times a week? Maybe your finance team has a standard email to send to your clients. In 3 minutes, you can set up a default email that will take 3 seconds to send. Outlook Template
Keyboard shortcuts for navigating the menu bar in microsoft word are simple and easy. You can perform a spell check by pressing three keys rather than navigating through the menus Word Menu Navigation
If you are a modern day user of computers, you will find that there are dozens of attempted spam emails to everyone, everyday. The savvy user knows never to open anything suspicious, but what if something looks legitimate? This tech tip contains information to help you determine wether a link is worth clicking on. How to determine a legitimate URL
The following document contains the most used keyboard shortcuts for microsoft word Microsoft Word Common Shortcuts
Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) often over charge clients and customers, who rarely investigate what is happening. Advice for Dealing with Pesky ISPs
Have you ever needed to contact a client or customer and found that you don't have any of their details saved? What if someone was saying that about you. Read our guide on how to set up a vcard to find out how to avoid this problem. How to Set up a VCARD
If your computer has been running slow, or is out of storage space, then the best option is to clean up the C-Drive. This improves performance and gives you more space for other important information. How to clean your C Drive
In order to get the most out of your internet experience, make sure that you set and configure your homepage correctly for your internet browser. Follow the following guide for setting it up to be to your standard. How to configure multiple pages
If you have ever struggled with microsoft products, such as word, outlook or even windows, then have no fear! Microsoft has compiled a large list of training resources to help you through it. How to get free microsoft Training