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Infrastructure Projects

Move, Add & Change your IT Infrastructure

Secure Destruction

Government approved ICT equipment destruction services.

Desktop Solutions

If customers wish to reduce their expenditure on ICT, and improve satisfaction then consideration should be given to the direct and indirect costs of ICT. Literature identified below reports that the per PC total cost of ownership ranges from $3000 to $10,000, and this is repeatedly confirmed by various reports by Gartner, IDC and alike. In 4Data’s experience the majority of our current managed services clients spend between $1000 – $1800 per annum; 4Data did have a large non-for-profit spending $13,000 per annum per desktop; and an Australian Government Department spending in excess of $27,000 per annum per desktop. 4Data is pleased to report that the non-for-profit has recently reduced the spend to $3,500 per annum per desktop, saving directly in the first year $2.5 million; and is aiming for lower.

Infrastructure Projects

Businesses that choose to relocate face many challenges when planning a move. A new office means different networking infrastructure, different server room environments and a different floor plan. These factors can seriously impact your IT environment and often suspend business operation. IT relocation must be at the forefront of your move and play a large role in choosing new premises.

4Data provide efficient, organised solutions to relocation planning, logistics, execution and post migration support creating a worry free relocation of your business. Our project planning and consulting can deliver ‘business as usual’ conditions within an acceptable time frame, with minimal impact to staff and customers. Our experience across diverse network and computing platforms puts us in a position to anticipate and navigate a successful relocation.

Site Inspection and Project Planning

4Data will provide an objective eye on the current and gaining premises, we will discuss the scope of work required and the services that we can offer. After collaborating the information gathered we will present a project plan and quote that aligns with time, staffing and scheduling requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

It is imperative that there is minimal downtime during the move, we will provide an IT continuity plan to ensure that service delivery to your clients is not impacted.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We aim to ensure zero data loss during relocation and will create a DRP to address any issues. Typically this involves secure data and configuration backups.

Back Out Planning

4Data can anticipate changes that may affect the go-ahead of the project plan or the need to execute the move on a later date and can prepare a back out plan in case this should happen.

Relocation insurance

Equipment moved during an office relocation is not normally covered in contents insurance policies. Having a dedicated, insured IT relocations team prevents heartache if a disaster should occur.


In this phase 4Data action agreed upon plans to create an assenting environment for the move.

Asset Audit

Liaising with IT and management staff 4Data can create an asset audit, recording the current and gaining locations of hardware. Everything is labelled for transport preventing confusion and disorientation of equipment.


Pre-approved backup plans are executed creating swift recovery from potential disaster.

Network availability

4Data can ensure your network backbone is operational before the move and liaise with telecommunications providers to ensure immediate LAN, WAN and VoIP connectivity at your gaining site.

Communication and Staging

We provide communication guidelines to ensure your user community is informed of the process and aware of their responsibilities for the move.

Move and Post Move

4Data provide integral methods to ensure equipment is powered down and transported to the receiving site safely, we utilise asset auditing and tagging thus creating an accountable environment for relocated equipment.

Reconnection and reconstruction services

  • Construction of server and communication cabinets, patch panels, switches and routers
  • Reconnection and reconfiguration of ISDN, WAN, Internet Gateway and firewall equipment
  • Data integrity tests and restoration of lost data
  • Reconnection and testing of all workstations
  • Printer reconnection and configuration
  • Network performance testing on gaining site
  • On-site support resolving immediate issues

Continual on-site support for a required time period or on basis call out support

Secure Destruction

4Data articulate's with a focus on value and maximum use. Repurpose and replace philosophies are closely monitored, it is important to repurpose first, reallocate and then upon careful selection, rebuild. 4Data philosophy with desktop management is to get the maximum value of desktops before disposal. Once an item is identified for sanitisation and destruction. 4Data will collect the items and process in accordance with the Federal Government Information Security Manual (ISM) provided by the Australian Signal Directorate. Although this exceeds most customer's security requirements, 4Data has preference to these processes, tools and methods. 4Data has undertaken 100,000+ desktop destruction and disposal tasks and are well versed in the operation.

Always Speak to a Human

We offer 24x7 support service for our customers

Value for Money

4Data has a dedicated team for purchasing which will source and negotiate the best deals for our customers

Secure Premise

We keep your ICT in a highly secure, specialised building, with round the clock security monitoring.

Recycling Initiatives

All waste generated by the purchase and supply of ICT will be recycled.

Carbon Neutral

All 4Data activities at our facility are solar powered – we're 100% carbon neutral.

Microsoft Certified Technicians

4Data is a multi gold Microsoft partner, thanks to our Microsoft certified engineers.